3d路数走势图-20171月1日七星彩开什么码-在日本工作的中国留学生的变化记录:Foul mouthed tirade of council officer who told cancer patient to "Go f**k yourself" in litter row

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“I said to him I want to know where it is, this cigarette I’m supposed to have dropped。

At the time I was a smoker but wasnt having a cigarette when the officer stopped me。

The furious rant was caught on video after the over zealous officer issued the fixed penalty notice。


He said he is glad it is all over but is considering taking further action regarding his treatment。

He said he couldnt understand why he was being accused of something he hadnt done but because of his strokes he does tend to drool quite a lot。


” “How many other people has he insulted like that when he thinks the camera’s off。



“Last Friday the case was withdrawn due to some concerns over the conduct of an enforcement officer at the time of the offence。

Joe said he found it strange that he was being accused of dropping a cigarette in an area where there were none around。

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He said: “How could he say that to me? It’s not his job to tell me where it is, but he’s accusing me of dropping a cigarette that isn’t there。

 Councillor Jenny Platts, Barnsley Councils cabinet spokeswoman for communities, said: “The council is satisfied that a littering offence took place on Friday April 23 2015。